Abasco Turbidity Curtain

Type 1 Turbidity Curtain

Type 1 turbidity curtains, also referred to as type 1 silt curtains, are floating barriers that are designed to control various sediments or runoff in calm waters. There are two versions of type 1 curtains, including Type 1: Economy and Type 1: DOT. Type 1 DOT curtains are used in areas that require DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations. ABASCO / AECS offer Type 1 Economy and Type 1 DOT curtains for all calm water applications.

Small Ponds
Calm Water Lakes
Construction Sites
Roadside Construction Projects
Protected Inland Areas

Type 2 Turbidity Curtain

Type 2 turbidity curtains are best used to contain silt and turbidity in moving water applications. Type 2 curtains are manufactured using high strength fabric with heavy duty tension members, along with aluminum stress plates that the bottom skirt corners. These type 2 turbidity curtains are best used in dredging and marine construction areas that experience mild current, wind, and wave activity. ABASCO manufactures DOT (Department of Transportation) certified type 2 turbidity curtains.

DOT Roadwork and Construction Projects
Dredging Projects
Pile Driving
Remediation Projects
Rip Rap Installation

Type 3 Turbidity Curtain

ABASCO Type 3 Turbidity Curtains, also referred to as Type III Turbidity Curtains, combine our standard high-strength fabric with heavy duty tension members)above and below the flotation and at the bottom of the curtain), fabric reinforcement, and stress plates a the bottom skirt corners. They are ideal for silt and sediment control during dredging and marine construction activities in rivers, bays and waterways with moderate current, wind and wave activity.

Turbidity Curtain Accessories Available!

Plain Skirt
Plain Skirt Type
Filter Fabric Skirt
Filter Fabric Skirt