Hydromulch & Other Products From LSC Environmental

Earthguard Fiber Matrix

EarthGuard® utilizes an extremely high molecular weight blend of chemistry, which results in its superior charge density and soil stabilizing ability. It is designed to work directly with soil to maintain its stability by both preserving existing soil structure and flocculating fine sediment being dislodged by storm water or wind.
EarthGuard is ideal for site-winterization (seed not required), where bare soil, slopes and stockpiles must be protected during the raining season. In re-vegetation and dormant seeding applications, the superior soil stabilizing ability of EarthGuard holds, seeds, soil, fiber and amendments in place until sufficient long-term growth/erosion control protection has occurred.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is available in two forms:

EarthGuard Pre-Packaged Bag: In this manner, EarthGuard is packaged in combination with 100% wood fiber mulch.

Earthguard Liquid

In this manner, EarthGuard is packaged in a 5 gal container and is added to standard hydromulch prior to installation. This packaging method allows contractors to adjust application rates as needed on a job site and eliminate the need to store several types of mulches.

Earthguard Edge

Introducing EarthGuard EDGE™, a pellet form of the popular erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix.

The new EDGE formula allows users to apply the product without water by hand, mechanically, or air-drop. It’s ideal for use in remote areas with limited water and for smaller jobs where hydromulching is cost-prohibitive.

100% Wood Mulch

Produced exclusively from virgin hardwood chips – the finest, most contaminant-free fibers available today.

Terra Novo Wood Fiber Mulch offers excellent consistency, coverage, and water retention characteristics. All of which make this the ideal choice for all landscaping, commercial, government and DOT projects.


The natural mineral-based science in Connect provides a user- friendly product that is unmatched in the marketplace. It has superior bonding strength, both seed and soil, compared to other products within this performance category.
Connect is simple to pour, requires no manual or mechanical shredding and it will not clump. Connect, instantaneously consumes water which allows for its immediate wet-out and creation of a uniform slurry with minimal water and mixing time.
Our one-of-a-kind performance characteristics include the highest loading rates, no slurry separation (even overnight) and increased speed of application to go along with superb ground coverage. It’s truly a game changer!

Floc Rolls and Floc Tabs

Floc Roll – Polyacrylamide Sediment Removal Log

Floc Roll should be placed at the upper end of a drainage channel or as close as possible to active earth moving activities and should be attached to a stake in the center of the channel system where flow starts to concentrate. Floc Roll can easily be transferred to different locations as site conditions change. Construction of missing weirs may be required in areas with short ditch lines, swelling clays, heavy particle concentrations, or steep slopes.

Active ingredient: 50% Polyacrylamide

4-10 lb Rolls per Box