Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric, also known as weed barrier fabric or weed control fabric, is a versatile material used in gardening and landscaping to suppress weed growth, promote healthier plant growth, and prevent soil erosion. Typically made from woven or non-woven materials like polypropylene or polyester, landscape fabric creates a barrier that blocks sunlight from reaching weed seeds, inhibiting their germination and growth.

This fabric is commonly used in various applications such as garden beds, flower beds, and under mulch to provide a protective layer that not only prevents weeds from competing with desirable plants but also retains soil moisture by reducing evaporation. Landscape fabric can also be installed under gravel pathways or in hardscape projects to prevent weed growth between stones or in between cracks.


Additionally, landscape fabric is an eco-friendly option for erosion control on slopes or areas prone to soil erosion. By anchoring the fabric in place, it stabilizes the soil, reducing the risk of runoff and sediment loss during heavy rainfall.

In summary, landscape fabric is a versatile tool in landscaping and gardening that helps maintain tidy and healthy outdoor spaces by keeping weeds at bay, conserving moisture, and preventing soil erosion.

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