The Ultimate Sediment Retention Device

The Ultimate Sediment Retention Device

SiltZero is a cost effective sediment retention product. This product offers certified sustainably grown giant miscanthus biomass filter media encased in a polypropylene geotextile netting. The proprietary particle size distribution of the filter media produces a product that offers superior filtration efficiency to a compost filter sock yet weighs less at installation.

Benefits of SILTZERO

Product Size and Weight
• Various sizes are available to meet your specific needs
• Giant Miscanthus filter media absorbs over 2 times its weight in water

Easy to Install
• Lighter at installation than compost filter sock alternatives
• Lower labor costs than alternatives
• Conducive for difficult ground conditions
• Easily relocated or removed

Environmentally Friendly
• Carbon negative
• Neutral pH which is favorable for vegetative growth
• Certified weed seed free
• Certified sustainably grown